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Farmers Markets: Save money on Organic Local food

If you are trying to go all natural and get rid of all the toxic chemicals in your life then you NEED  to be going to a farmers market. To keep Organic veggies from California or other parts of the U.S fresh before they reach you, most farmers coat cucumbers, apples and oranges in a… Continue reading Farmers Markets: Save money on Organic Local food

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Natural Skincare Routine

Hey guys! I am going to do a video soon but since my skincare routine was highly requested I thought I would do a quick blog post about it. So I went from having severe acne covering my jawline and cheeks to a few pimples here and there (usually from not washing my phone or… Continue reading Natural Skincare Routine

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Chik’n Patties

I’ve been having crazy protein cravings lately, so naturally I listened to my body and added in more protein and some Seitan. I love Seitan it’s delicious and hearty and keeps me full for hours. It has an insane amount of protein and no cholesterol. Instead of eating potatoes and veggies, I add in a… Continue reading Chik’n Patties

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Easy Lentil Taco Meat

Hey guys! I’ve been loving super simple legume recipes lately. They have been keeping me full and keeping my recovery after working out 10x better. This is one of those I just got home from the gym and I need to eat as quickly as I can recipes. It takes 40 minutes to cook but… Continue reading Easy Lentil Taco Meat

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Chickpea Mexican Omelette

My protein intake has been low since going Vegan. I can feel it in my muscles and joints, especially after a workout. I searched high and low on the internet for more ways to incorporate protein in my diet as a Vegan, without upping my carb intake as well. Beans √ Peas √ Broccoli √ Quinoa √, Everything check!… Continue reading Chickpea Mexican Omelette

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Fiesta Wraps

Hello new comers, followers and friends. Today I am going to be sharing a super simple recipe that is one of my favorites! I used to do these wraps with meat included, now I just leave it out, bulk it up with veggies and add some gut loving sauerkraut for extra goodness. My favorite part… Continue reading Fiesta Wraps

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Mexican Bake

Hello followers! It’s been a while… Unfortunately I haven’t found the time to post recipes due to my busy schedule. I’ve been focusing on working out, eating clean and spending time with my loved ones instead of constantly being behind a computer/phone screen. In my time away from my blog I have had a chance… Continue reading Mexican Bake